Pete Chavez is the founder and owner of Chavez Boxing Gym. He is a licensed USA Boxing Coach, a certified personal trainer, and has trained professional athletes in boxing as well as the UFC. He is also certified in Close Quarter Combat and self-defense.

In his earlier years as a fighter, Pete earned a Golden Gloves title as well as several other state titles, but the demands of being a single father required him to set aside his own dreams of professional fighting.

Long after retiring from boxing, he went on to win three tough man contests at the age of 39, 41 and 45.

 Pete now trains and spars with other up-and-coming fighters and works as a personal trainer and coach to men, women and children of all ages.

He is also the founder of The Chavez Youth and Community Foundation; a nonprofit amateurs program that aims to uplift and support its youth by helping them develop their confidence, build good character, be involved in their community, and learn self-defense.  

Pete Chavez is committed to serving the Phoenix community and helping improve the lives of those around him who are determined to make a positive change!